Suh rpenters, suh hps. A good Jk makes a good Jll.

Man men, mn mnds. No news (s) gd news. B dong nothng we learn t d ll. Fght fre wth fre. Lve nd let lve. Nthng ventured, nthng gned. ts nether here nor there. Sre twe before ou ut ne. Eas des t. Wshes dont wsh dshes. Eat t pleasure, drnk wth mesure. Ever man has hs hbb hrse.

Lve and lern. Tme works wnders. Lttle frends ma prove great frends. uth earns to be old whle age earns to be oung agan.


A radle Song

Sleep, sleep, beut brght

Dreamng over the ts f nght.

Sleep, sleep: n the sleep

Lttle srrws st and weep.

B W. Blake

The Telephone

Frends a hundred mles prt

St and hatter heart to hert,

Bos and grls from shl afar

Speak to mother, ask pp.

B Alfred H.


nd there are man ther balls

We fnd t pleasures soure

The rquet ball, the hke ball.

The skttle ball, larsse,

And smaller ball, the mrble blls,

And bearng balls, of urse.

B Alfred H. Mles


have tw legs

Wth whh wlk:

have a tngue

Wth whh tlk, And wth t t,

eat m fd and tell f ts bad or gd.


The earl brd s have heard,

athes the worm, and pn m word,

know two haps and et thrd

ould learn a lessn frm that brd.


Stop! Look! Lsten!

Before ou rss the street.

Use our ees, use ur ears,

And then use ur feet!

mdst the msts nd oldest frosts, wth stoutest wrsts nd loudest bosts, he thrusts hs fst gnst the posts and stll nssts he sees the ghosts.

Bett Botter bought some butter, "But," she sd, "ths butter's btter.

If bke ths btter butter, it wll mke m btter btter. But bt of better butter tht would mke m btter better". So she bought bt of butter, better thn her btter butter, and she bked t n her btter, and the btter ws not btter. So 'tws better Bett Botter bought bt of better butter.

lurel rowned lown. The Leth pole dsmsseth us. Lesser lether never wethered wetter wether better. Ll ldles lttle Lett's lentl soup. Lsten to the lol okel odel. Lovel lemon lnment.

ou've no need to lght nght lght on lght nght lke tonght, for nght lght's lght's slght lght, and tonght's nght tht's lght. When nght's lght, lke tonght's lght, it s rell not qute rght to lght nght lghts wth ther slght lghts on lght nght lke tonght.

Ft frogs flng pst fst. ft thrush fles through thk fog. Flsh messge! Flee from fog to fght flu fst! Fred fed Ted bred, nd Ted fed Fred bred. Freshl fred flng fsh, freshl fred flesh. Frendl Frnk flps fne flpjks

Rain, rain, go to Spain,

Dont come here again.

Rain, rain, go away,

Come again another day.

Little Jane wants to play.

As I was going alone, alone, alone

Singing a comical song, song, song

The lane that I went was so long, long, long.

And so I went singing along.

David tried to ride the donkey

Up and down the ladder.

Which of us, the donkey said,

Is mad, and which is the madder?

The more we study, the more we know,

The more we know, the more we forget.

The more we forget, the less we know.

The less we know, the less we forget.

The less we forget, the more we know.

Why study?


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